Q: Where do you go when you die? A: Straight to Vinyl!

Dy’er Sez: I’ve had a few discussions about what should be done with my remains when I finally shirk this mortal coil. Most of these talks have happened with anonymous strangers with shocked expressions on their faces, trapped beside me on 2 AM runs on various Greyhound busses (and that’s what you get fer takin’ my window seat).

But enough of these chats have happened with loved ones so that they have some idea what to do with me – or what’s left of me – when I’m gone.  I’ve toyed with a few ideas like having a taxidermist have a go and sending my body on tour with a museum exposition (or a side show) or turning my non fleshy parts into a hat rack and/or umbrella stand. Finally I settled on whoever option is cheapest at the time (and I think I still have a 2-for-1 cremation coupon somewhere around here…).

But now I’ve come across an idea that I really like.

A company in the UK, named “And Vinyly”, has come up with a process where they can take your earthly remains and – get this – turn them into a vinyl record.  Not only that, but they can allow for songs, voice recordings, or even you last will and testament pressed in, so that you can conceivably become your own Greatest Hits collection.

They also offer some premium services, such as having an artist paint on the record (with your ashes mixed into the paint) and having in house musicians write and record a song just for you (which later gets released for global distribution).

Some might say, “That’s too damn weird”, or “you gotta be kidding”, or even “what’s a record?”, but I think I like the idea. It makes me wonder what playlist I would put on there. Perhaps some Grateful Dead or maybe “Don’t fear the Reaper”? Guess I gotta’ go through my music collection with a keen ear.

Story from Wired

Company presses your ashes into vinyl when you die

By Olivia Solon

27 August 2010

Music lovers can now be immortalised when they die by having their ashes baked into vinyl records to leave behind for loved ones.

A UK company called And Vinyly is offering people the chance to press their ashes in a vinyl recording of their own voice, their favourite tunes or their last will and testament. Minimalist audiophiles might want to go for the simple option of having no tunes or voiceover, and simply pressing the ashes into the vinyl to result in pops and crackles.

The company was founded by Jason Leach, who co-founded the techno group and record label Subhead in the 1990s and has since founded a number of other labels, including House of Fix, Daftwerk and Death to Vinyl.

Leach explained to Wired.co.uk that there were a number of factors that made him launch the service, including thinking that he was “getting a bit old” and “might not be invincible”. His mother also started working at a funeral directors, which brought the whole funeral process closer to home. A third prompt was when he saw a TV programme that showed someone in America putting their ashes into fireworks, which made him think about how he might want to be remembered. And, he says, “It’s a bit more interesting than being in a pot on a shelf.”

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