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Blog Notes About E-mail Updates

Those of you who are subscribed to this blog have recently gotten a load of e mail updates concerning stories posted. I am in the process of moving my old blog over from; there is no function that allows … Continue reading

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Nearly A Million Dollars In Stimulus Money Spent Towards Teaching African Men to Wash Their Genitals

    Dy’er Sez: We in the US are most certainly feeling the strain of the current economic crisis, and every program rolled out to date has not turned the tide against the slow crumbling of our economy. One could … Continue reading

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Cops Bust In, Guns Raised…In A Bust Over Raw Milk?

Dyer Sez: I came across this story on the Setting Brush Fires blog. California cops organized a bust of a raw foods market; I’m not sure what dangers they thought they faced, but the stores video cameras showed the cops … Continue reading

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Digging Through Your Trash To Save The Planet – Here Come The Green Police

Dyer Sez: Once again, government has decided that it needs to track and trace the minutia of our daily existence in the name of the public interest. The latest stratagem to be rolled out is the use of RFID tracking … Continue reading

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9/11, Koran Burning Preachers, And Mosques At Ground Zero – How Did We Get Here?

Dyer Sez: This past weekend, we remembered the ninth anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. While I was in mourning for that terrible day, as many were in the US, I also was grieving what we have lost as a … Continue reading

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Man Found Guilty Of Being A Moron On Facebook And Sentenced….To the Army

Dy’er Sez: Our criminal court system is supposed to be set up to determine one’s guilt or lack thereof, and to assign punishment to those who have broken a law. But, according to an AP story, a new court ruling … Continue reading

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…the heck???

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Sec. of Education Duncan Orders New Types Of Student Assessments; Will this (Finally) Change The Face Of Standardized Testing?

Dyer Sez:  Looks like Education Secretary Arnie Duncan might be a little worn down from all the grief raining down on him from educators and teacher associations; maybe the lack of an invite to the last NEA  national pow-wow may … Continue reading

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Civil Rights Groups File Suit Against US Government Assassinations

Dyer Sez: There has been a lot of media attention and political hoopla surrounding President Obama’s speech on the end of combat operations in Iraq. When one looks at the fact that we will still have 50,000 soldiers stations there … Continue reading

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