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TV Commercials Too Loud? Congress Has Plan To Fix It

Dy’er sez: For all of you good folk who sit back to watch a little TV but find that you are scrambling for the mute button on the remote when a  break comes up (I know that I am one), … Continue reading

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Obama Gets A Sign From Above?

A little bit of cosmic karma bites the President on his…podium.

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Very Much Alive in Beaverton School District

Dyer Sez: Fourth grade teacher Seth Stambaugh has found himself about to be reassigned to another school over the controversy of…admitting he’s gay. According to a story by Wendy Owen of the Oregonian, a conversation initiated by a 4th grade … Continue reading

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It’s Official: World War I is Finally Over

Dyer Sez: No, the title above is most certainly not a misprint. After almost one-hundred years, the “War to End All Wars” is finally over. Although a ceasing of all hostilities was enacted in 1918, the treaty of Versailles (signed … Continue reading

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Obama and Biden to Democrat Voters : Even If We Haven’t Done What You Elected Us To Do, Just “Buck Up” And Vote For Democrats Any Way – Misguided Republicans Rejoice

Dy’er Sez: If one tunes into either left or right wing talk shows, it’s easy to surmise that the Republican base is quite energized going into this election season, and the Democrat base is either strongly considering voting away from … Continue reading

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Blog Update Complete!

Dyer Sez: OK, the blog update is complete. There are now well over 200 entries going back a few years for you to peruse. Any previous subscribers please feel free to re-subscribe without fear that your e-mail box is going … Continue reading

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