Obama and Biden to Democrat Voters : Even If We Haven’t Done What You Elected Us To Do, Just “Buck Up” And Vote For Democrats Any Way – Misguided Republicans Rejoice

President Barack Obama walking with Vice Presi...

Obama and Biden: Discussing coining the phrase "buck up"?

Dy’er Sez: If one tunes into either left or right wing talk shows, it’s easy to surmise that the Republican base is quite energized going into this election season, and the Democrat base is either strongly considering voting away from party lines or simply staying away from the polls en masse.

As an outsider to both parties, due to the overwhelming evidence that both groups of power brokers are simply two sides of the same crooked coin, it’s both fascinating and frightening to watch.  On the one hand, the current administration (and the Democrat majorities in the House) are a disgrace; after eight years of Bush and company people cried out for the change that was offered by the democrats – instead ire and frustration were simply used to elect the same type of criminal minded, power hungry, and thoroughly corrupt pathological liars in suits and tie that were in charge before.

On the other hand, it seems that the Republicans are about to sweep into power in the House and (barring some amazing or terrible happenstance) in two Years gain back the presidency. As we are, for all practical purposes, in Bush’s third term this change of power in the White House is not as drastic a departure as one would believe. The thing that mystifies me is that the American public is going from one pile of turd to another, back and forth, back and forth, hoping that one day one of these steaming, corn pocked mounds of stink will start to smell like roses.  And although deep down inside people know that these two groups are nothing more than…well, what they are, come Election Day the American public will once again chew the foil and pull the lever for one or the other of these contemptible organizations.

The strategies that the Republicans are using to garner voter enthusiasm are little more than the smoke and mirrors of a turn of the century snake oil salesman…and somehow the pitch seems to be somewhat effective. Their job is relatively easy: simply point out the incredibly poor performance the current administration and Democrat majority in the House while promising that they can come in and make it all better – cause, effect, solution.  The only stumbling block they might come across using this tactic is that voters might just remember juts how screwed up the country became under Bush. Fortunately for republicans, the American public has a very short memory (or are exceedingly gullible); as a result a great many people will nibble on this bait even after they have been yanked out of the water and are laid down, gills gasping, on the deck of some rusty, barely sea worthy trawler and still believe they’ve gotten a hold of a tasty treat.

The Democrats have seemingly come up with a novel approach to energizing their base.  Not too long ago, White House press secretary Gibbs publicly decried that anyone who thinks that Obama is in any way comparable to Bush “ought to be drug tested.” In the last week Both President Obama and Vice-President Biden made the same unctuous demand of their disillusioned part supporters, telling them that although the hope and change which was assured turned into nothing more than a fond memory of an empty promise, to simply “Buck Up” (in the case of Biden, he also called for disillusioned Democrats to “Stop whining”) and vote along the party line in the coming elections.

Now one might dispute that apparent tone of derision coming from the White House is mere coincidence. But these folks are seasoned politicos; very little of what they say or do is not discussed in committee beforehand. For both the President and Vice President to use not only the same blanket rhetoric but also the same exact catch phrases in an attempt to score a political hit, leads me to believe that this is a concerted effort (albeit a strange one) to energize the Democrat base.

But, let’s not forget: this is all politics – nothing more than a dog and pony show to entertain the plebes and distract them from the affairs of government itself. Inevitably, none of it really matters. Most of our elected officials in Washington, be they red or blue, have their hands in the same corporate cookie jars regardless of supposed political ideology.

Which brings us to the real question: do we continue to pick one of the two ‘sides’ and choose the perceived lesser of two evils so that we can say that we the people actually tried to make some sort of difference, as we bemoan or cheer the results the day after the elections knowing that there will be little positive change either way? Or do we stop treating politics like a sporting event where one cheers for the team of their choice no matter how much they suck, hoping that when they win the Monday after will look that much brighter?

While my general optimism for humanity tends to run high, I honestly don’t foresee any large scale change in the way most of the country kneels at the altar of the false left/right paradigm. The kind of hope and change the we need as a people in order to regain and retain our freedom is in the air, but the sheer numbers of awakened and aware people needed to effect the transformation has not yet reached critical mass. All revolutions are inevitable, I just wonder if ours will come before it’s too late.

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