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     Dy’er Hear (pronounced “did-ja-hear”) is a Blog which attempts to bring to light new items and issues that one hears little about or put a different slant on the stories of the day that you may already know about. All too often in our modern media we hear all about what the left or right thinks (or, at least, what those who are getting paid to  move their mouths on TV want you to believe the left and right think), but very little about what is actually going on. Dy’er Hear will balance the spin with facts and some new insight which doest fall into the corporate created, false left/right paradigm.

     Additionally, this blog will feature items which might make you chuckle (perhaps guffaw), think a bit, make “O” lips in wonder, or simply make you go “hmmmmmm”. Comments are, of ocurse,  always welcome no matter what side of an issue you might be on (spam and outright nastiness will not be tolerated), but let’s try to keep the language PG-13.

     Otherwise read, comment, learn and inform; after all, that’s what it’s all about, no?



If you’d like to contact me but don’t want to leave a public comment, by all means use the form below.

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