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Obama and Biden to Democrat Voters : Even If We Haven’t Done What You Elected Us To Do, Just “Buck Up” And Vote For Democrats Any Way – Misguided Republicans Rejoice

Dy’er Sez: If one tunes into either left or right wing talk shows, it’s easy to surmise that the Republican base is quite energized going into this election season, and the Democrat base is either strongly considering voting away from … Continue reading

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Nearly A Million Dollars In Stimulus Money Spent Towards Teaching African Men to Wash Their Genitals

    Dy’er Sez: We in the US are most certainly feeling the strain of the current economic crisis, and every program rolled out to date has not turned the tide against the slow crumbling of our economy. One could … Continue reading

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Digging Through Your Trash To Save The Planet – Here Come The Green Police

Dyer Sez: Once again, government has decided that it needs to track and trace the minutia of our daily existence in the name of the public interest. The latest stratagem to be rolled out is the use of RFID tracking … Continue reading

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H1N1 Vaccine Use Suspended in Finland; Fears Shot Linked To Jump In Narcolepsy

Dy’er Sez: Yet another reason why you may want to think twice before loading up on any vaccine. Story from PrisonPlanet: Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder Paul Joseph Watson Prison Wednesday, August 25, … Continue reading

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Blackwater (Xe) Steals From Troops, Keeps Government Contracts

Dy’er Sez ; McClatchy News is reporting that Xe (formerly known as the mercenary organization, Blackwater) has been hit with a 42 million dollar settlement after an investigation by the State Dept.  into hundreds of counts of wrongdoing and misconduct. … Continue reading

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Dy’er Sez: I had to post this as a means of vindication for my tireless slamming of the supposed “Swine Flu” ove the last few months. I can only hope that we start to see some heads start to roll. To … Continue reading

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Dy’er Sez: So Al Gore climbed on board the Climategate wagon in a very big way. In a recent interview, when asked about the infamous e-mails, he claimed that the latest one was more than ten years old. In fact, Mr. … Continue reading

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