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Blackwater (Xe) Steals From Troops, Keeps Government Contracts

Dy’er Sez ; McClatchy News is reporting that Xe (formerly known as the mercenary organization, Blackwater) has been hit with a 42 million dollar settlement after an investigation by the State Dept.  into hundreds of counts of wrongdoing and misconduct. … Continue reading

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Russia Threatens Georgia with Yet Another Smack Down

Dy’er Sez: Here we go again. Georgia is poking and prodding at South Ossetia, trying to instigate a violent response from Russia. Georgia has absolutely no hopes of winning in such a confrontation, even though they have immense backing from the … Continue reading

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American “Tourists” Arrested in Iran

Dy’er Sez:  This is a very strange story. It claims that these supposed innocent tourists started off in Turkey, went to Iraq (which, if you haven’t heard, is not tourist friendly due to a war going on there), traveled to the … Continue reading

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